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Mobile CRM – IBM 10x4 VIP App

The IBM 10x4 VIP App is a read only application providing details of companies registered and authorized to participate in IBM’s 10x4 Volume Incentive Plan at a glance. The app provides Base (profile) data such as Telephone, e-mail and address data and current and historic sales data.

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Filing of collections and lent items

“Bring It Back" helps you to keep track of your collections and lent items. Thanks to the extensive features of the app you finally bring order to your shelves and you are always up-to-date about your outstandings.

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FaGet - The Rail Service Health App of Stellwerk 5

FaGet stands for the rail service health training of Stellwerk5. The app helps rail service employees to consciously eat and move and allows them to record health-relevant data such as diet, exercise, sleeping and working hours and evaluate data as a biorhythm (biorhythm feedback).

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