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“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen”.

(Ernest Hemingway)


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Sales und Marketing

Sales and marketing applications

Channel Scout

The Channel Scout is our Europe-wide accredited product and service solution which is designed to develop new markets and to run any number of sales channels. Plan your marketing activities and reduce the budget by means of a higher measurability and a better reporting. Comprehensive services and interfaces take work off your sales team and identify new prospects in sales and distribution.

Partner Incentive Programm

Allow your partners to gain interesting bonuses in addition to the targeted profit margins by scoring the individual sales growth. Sales target, payout levels and distributors can be determined online. Regular mails inform your partners about the actual status and the required volumes for reaching the payout level.

Partner Finder

You are looking for a tight and intuitionally operable partner search application? Then go for the Partner Finder. Already operational worldwide the Partner Finder provides individually customizable functionalities and high-speed data access to all critical partner information. Additionally your customers are supplied with the latest news or marketing activities by embedded banners. The functionalities are topped-off with a well-arranged GoogleMaps® presentation and clear route guidance.