Sales and Marketing

Partner Incentive Programm

The Partner Incentive Programs enable interesting bonuses in addition to the targeted profit margins. By achieving or exceeding individual sales growth targets, the participating partners can achieve attractive rebates. Sales targets and payout levels can be set online. Regular status mails inform the partners about the current status and the goals necessary to achieve the payout level.

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The possibilities

  • presentation of several portfolios
  • time-staggered target setting
  • authorization management
  • facilitated administration through implied workflow mechanisms

The benefits

  • increase in sales
  • strengthening partner loyalty
  • attractive incentives e.g. rebates, bonus levels/points for business partners

Partner Finder

The Partner Finder is a compact and intuitive search application and can be used in many ways. Individually selectable and expandable functionalities allow your customers access to all partner information on the fly. In addition, customers can be provided with important news or marketing information by means of targeted and clearly visible banners.

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The possibilities

  • individual CI
  • integration into the existing internet presence
  • individual configuration
  • search for partner attributes
  • clear GoogleMaps® display with route function
  • also available as a mobile application

The benefits

  • intuitive usability
  • strengthening of partner loyalty
  • comprehensive and attractive presentation of all partner information
  • internationally applicable